DelegoInsights allows for greater insight into payment information stored within the SAP® system.

LONDON, ON. [May 29, 2014] –Delego Software Inc. (DSI), an industry-leading enterprise payment and security solutions company, announced the launch of DelegoInsights today, an enhanced addition to Delego’s robust reporting package built on SAP® BusinessObjectsTM. DelegoInsights is designed to provide greater insight into electronic payment data stored within the merchant’s ERP system.

“DelegoInsights is another innovation designed to simplify payments.  By providing the means to analyze and understand payment data, DelegoInsights enables our customers to make better business decisions” said , Larry Chevalier, President & CEO “Delego as a company is driven to innovate, providing its customers with new solutions to make their lives easier.”

With quick implementation, DelegoInsights allows for greater insight into electronic payment information stored within the merchant’s ERP system. DelegoInsights has a user friendly interface allowing each specific user account operator the ability to customize reports using the drag and drop functionality. Each report can be tailored to the specific users’ needs and reporting responsibilities.  Report data can be displayed both graphically and as plain text for easy to read reports.

“Every business is different; an analytics tool has to respond to these differences,” said Richard McCammon, VP of Integrated Solutions. “The SAP® BusinessObjectsTM solution, on which DelegoInsights is based, provides the tools to create informative reports which can be easily understood. By building on a payment centric universe, customers can use Delego provided reports and can further extend capabilities with their own ad-hoc reports.”

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Delego Software Inc, is a leading global supplier of SAP® integration software for processing electronic payments and meeting ecommerce requirements. Delego assists merchants with creating a fully integrated end to end payment solution, reducing the scope of PCI compliance, and enabling merchant rate optimization.

Delego is a certified SAP® Partner providing SAP® users with an interface to manage credit card and electronic payment card processing requirements. Delego’s software is certified to Payment Application Data Security Standards (PA-DSS) in accordance with Payment Card Industry requirements. For more information, visit

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