20 years of SAP experience



First founded in 1997 as an SAP consulting business, Delego has evolved into one of the largest providers of SAP integrated payments.

An SAP Software Partner since 2000, Delego was the first to receive the SAP certification as a payments solution. Delego has built a leading network of more than 50 acquirer and processor connections, enabling simple and cost-effective global expansion for our customers.

Today, we help world leading companies expand their e-payment capabilities, seamlessly integrating and securing their payments ecosystem with SAP using our flexible and tailored solutions. Our secure cloud, proprietary tokenization, and Point-to-Point Encryption solutions ensure our customers’ payment data is secure and minimizes their PCI compliance efforts.

Our Mission


At Delego, we measure our success through the success of our customers. In an age of digitalization where online and mobile channels are fueling growth, the strategic importance of a company’s e-commerce platform cannot be overstated. Merchants and their consumers are interacting and transacting online and over the phone like never before.

Our mission is to provide best-in-class electronic payment integration, transaction enablement and security solutions designed to enable our customer’s success. In practice, this means minimizing merchant costs, simplifying local security requirements and creating seamless user experiences as our customers expand globally. It also means allowing our customers to focus on growing their businesses, not on compliance burdens, security risks, or being bogged down by manual and un-scalable back-end processes.

At Delego, we simplify electronic payments so you can focus on what matters. Contact us to learn more about how we’ve helped our customers, and how we can help you.

The world's top companies chose Delego. Here's why.

SAP Focus

All we do is SAP. Our solution is specifically designed to work with SAP, and our unique architecture leverages SAP as the system of record, eliminating the need for additional transactional databases and messy reconciliations. Our world class team has over 20 years’ experience in the SAP payment space.

Tailored Solutions

We work with the top companies in the world, with the most ambitious global e-payment objectives and provide them with unparalleled service and tailored solutions which fit their needs. This means being adaptable to customer needs – tailoring existing products, creating new features, or writing new processor connectors to ensure your success.

Global Reach

Our processor ecosystem is unmatched in terms of global coverage. Local acquiring and settlement means you can access global markets without incurring foreign exchange complication and expense, and reducing interchange fees. With nine data centers globally, we make it easy to comply with data privacy laws such as the EU Data Protection Directive.

We simplify e-payments so you can focus on what matters.

Providing best-in-class e-payment integration, transaction enablement and security solutions designed to enable your success.