Delego RapidPay secures cardholder data and enables alternative payment methods and digital wallets for  SAP e-commerce merchants, reducing friction in the checkout process, decreasing cart abandonment and driving incremental revenue.

KITCHENER, Ontario, August 21, 2018 /CNW/ — Delego, a provider of best-in-class integrated payment solutions for SAP merchants, announced today the launch of its next-generation e-commerce payment solution, Delego RapidPay.  Compatible with any web store and implemented through a single API, Delego RapidPay enables merchants to simply and securely leverage the next generation of digital payments to improve customer experience, speed checkout, and lower cart abandonment.

Delego RapidPay enables a variety of payment types including traditional credit card, digital wallets such as Visa Checkout, Mastercard Masterpass, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and Google Pay, as well as alternative payment methods like PayPal, Alipay, and eCheck.


Supported alternative payment methods in Delego RapidPay

“Digital payments are evolving rapidly, and that presents an opportunity and a challenge for many merchants,” said Scott Johns, President and CEO. “Our customers recognize the benefit in expanding their payment footprint and leveraging the simplified checkout flows associated with alternative payments and digital wallets, but few have the resources to deploy and maintain these integrations.  Delego RapidPay allows our customers to deliver a world-class payment experience with a single, lightweight integration with Delego”.

As a module within Delego’s integrated payments platform, Delego RapidPay secures payment card data and removes the merchant web store from PCI scope.  With the ever-increasing risks of a data breach, merchants are seeking to ensure the security of their web stores and IT systems.  The Delego integrated payments platform is designed to keep the credit card data entirely isolated from SAP systems, web stores, networks, and workstations, providing best in class security and significantly reducing the scope of any PCI audit.

SAP merchants can dramatically reduce alternative payment deployment and maintenance effort using Delego’s simplified SDK which can be easily integrated to any web store platform, enabling multiple payment acceptance methods tailored to particular global markets.   

Delego RapidPay also recognizes that the customer experience needs to be seamless on the merchant’s web store and incorporates a sophisticated GUI-based style editor that can be used to customize the look and feel of the IFrame to the merchant’s brand specifications.

“Web developers and marketers love Delego RapidPay’s simplified IFrame styling controlled through the built-in style editor,” said Doug Fisher, VP of Sales. “The editor’s advanced functionality allows nuanced styling control, enabling rapid iteration or A/B testing without lost cycles waiting for custom .css work.”

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